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Titanic Harbour Boat Tours

365 Tickets March 5, 2018

Titanic Harbour Boat Tours

See the place that launched over 10,000 ships from a different angle on a Titanic Harbour Boat Tour around the Shipyard of Harland and Wolff and sites of historical interest at Belfast Harbour, where the Titanic was designed, built and launched.  Imagine the sounds and smells of the busy shipyard during the heyday of the shipbuilding industry,  the expectations and hopes of emigrants in search of a better life, and the excitement of wealthier passengers embarking on the trip of a lifetime.

Titanic Harbour Boat Tours are led by expert guides with extensive knowledge of the area and it’s history, and during the summer months the boat heads round to the Musgrave Channel, where you can view Belfast’s largest breeding seal colony. The tour lasts between 60-70 minutes, or alternatively, you can take an extended tour on Sundays, lasting 1.5 hours, which also ventures along the Holywood coast and some areas not normally seen by the public.

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