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Why you have to visit Discovery Cove when you’re in Orlando.

Becky Warde November 20, 2018

Let’s hit the road!

So it’s time for your big trip to Orlando and you are ready to take on the Theme Park capital of the World. You’ve got the sun cream, the straw hats, the lovely swim suits and about 5 packs of plasters, just in case. You were super organised and booked your Theme Park Tickets online, so you’ve saved a bunch of money and avoided those not so pleasant Gate Prices. Good job! You’re ready for the adventure of a life time.

You’re well aware that this isn’t  going to be a ‘chill by the pool’ holiday, so you have your best runners packed and read every tip and trick there is on the Facebook Groups. You’re ready to spot the Hidden Mickeys and obviously you know where to get the best Butterbeer. What if I told you that there was a way you could enjoy the Parks AND get lost in a tropical paradise? A place where the white sand is soft under your toes and the blue water shimmers delicately under the sun’s rays, something straight out of a travel blogger’s latest post. Discovery Cove is that place. You’ll feel like you’re on an exotic Polynesian island but you’re somehow you’re within a stone’s throw of the major Theme Parks, and you never would have guessed it.

Welcome to Paradise…

Snorkel with the tropical fish and rays in The Grand Reef, or hand-feed the parrots in the free flight Explorer’s Aviary, but what truly makes Discovery Cove such a gem is their 30-minute Dolphin Interaction. If you have chosen to take part in the Dolphin Interaction, you’ll be assigned a time to meet your new buddy once you check in. Yes, check in – the guest reception at Discovery Cove is reminiscent of a luxury hotel lobby, complete with a thatched roof that immediately brings the Maldives to mind. Fancy! 

So, cards on the table, I have to say that I was somewhat dubious about these types of animal encounters beforehand. Admittedly, I am that girl who crosses the street just to pet the dog walking by, and I probably follow more animals on Instagram than I do humans, (shout out to Harlso the balancing dachshund from Belfast), so as excited as I was to swim with these dolphins, I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that perhaps they wouldn’t be as enthused. However, as soon as I neared the beach it was clear that these animals were respected, loved, and most importantly enjoying the human interaction. Our wonderful dolphin trainer, Lauren, was so open and informative, teaching us about dolphin habits, behaviours and their incredible communication abilities. It was truly 30 minutes that I’ll never forget.

Dolphin Swim

Just your normal day, cuddling a baby Dolphin named Reef.

Flippers at the ready

I’m sure everyone and their granny are well aware of how intelligent dolphins are and the incredible tricks they can do but honestly, this is a whole other thing in real life. Standing a few inches away from a majestic dolphin named Latoya, (who is the leader of their matriarchal society) was the most incredible experience. It has to be the slightly damper equivalent of seeing the Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom for the first time. You can look at lovely pictures and watch YouTube videos all day long, but nothing will compare to experiencing it in real life. Believe me.

If you’re not a huge swimmer or animal nut like myself, then chill out and enjoy the unlimited (yes, unlimited) assortment of drinks and snacks and let your weary feet rest. Discovery Cove really is a perfect paradise placed just 9 minutes from International Drive and will be sure to get you rejuvenated and ready for your next stint at the biggest Theme Parks in the world.

Sand Dollar Bay

Sand Dollar Bay, Discovery Cove

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P.S. Did you know that when dolphins are excited their tummies turn a light pink colour? How adorable.

Becky Warde

Manager of 365Tickets Ireland. Can often be found with a coffee in one hand, a book in the other whilst gazing at puppies in the park.

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